We are an independent global fund and asset management firm specialized in structuring and managing alternative investment funds.

Our core businesses are Asset Banking, Art Banking, Hedging and strategic solutions and opportunities for professional, institutional investors and clients.

Petricca & Co Capital (LU) S.A. is authorised and supervised by the CSSF.
Petricca & Co Capital (UK) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the FCA.


Adding Value to Assets is our focus.

We provide our clients with comprehensive strategic assistance, applying uniquely designed tools and methods to the management of their assets that can create significant financial returns.

Assets Banking


Real estate alternative investment fund focused on growing the value of an existing portfolio. Assets are of different sizes and end-use destinations, located in Rome and central Italy.


Gentile Da Fabriano

Real estate alternative investment fund with a portfolio composed of leased assets and assets to be developed in Milan and Sardinia.



Real estate alternative investment fund with a long term horizon, focused on developing a large area in North Italy in different strategic emerging location for infrastructures and attractiveness.



Modern Art Masters is a private equity fund specialized in purchasing of Blue Chips Artworks through Art Houses via Third Party Guarantees.



Fashion Intelligence Fund is a private equity fund based in Silicon Valley providing growth capital to fashion & luxury small to medium-sized brands to leverage and/or to embrace AI and other cutting-edge technologies.



Black Lux Fund is an umbrella fund composed of a private equity fund and a fund of funds, dedicated to managing the wholesale and retail of oil products and the acquisition and management of different chains of gas stations.


Real Sequoia

Real estate alternative investment fund focused on managing hotels and enhancing their attractiveness. Assets are located in high-density areas of Milan and Rome.



Real estate alternative investment fund focused on increasing the value of several assets of mixed destinations, located primarily in Rome and nearby locations.



The Real Assets Investments is a fund with a flexible and opportunistic approach focused on investing its capital in main European cities.


Pinnacle Investment

The assets of the alternative real estate investment fund, called Pinnacle Investment, are composed of properties with different use destinations, mainly in Piemonte. The objective of the Fund is the enhancement of these properties and their subsequent sale for a further strategic policy of new investments.



Real estate alternative investment fund with a specific focus on shopping centers in Italy.



Real estate alternative investment fund mainly concentrated on acquiring buildings or building areas to be developed. Through management and valorization process, and also reconversion to a different destination aim is a subsequent sale of properties, in block or in a fractional way.


Convex Gateway

Securities fund offering a dynamic investing solution for professional, institutional investors and clients aiming high return at controlled risk specialized in Commodity, FX, and Equity listed derivatives. A 'Contrarian' tool that can be seen as a hedge within a broader asset portfolio or simply as an instrument seeking alpha against the common short vol. bias in the financial arena.



Petricca&Co Capital is managed by its founder and CEO, Mr. Stefano Petricca, serving as the Head of Investment specialized in structuring relevant deals.

Our competitive strength is the expertise, broad experience in the financial sector, great connections combined with talent and strong commitment.

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Petricca&Co Capital is managed by its founder and CEO, Mr. Stefano Petricca, serving as the Head of Investment specialized in structuring relevant deals.

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Our competitive strength is the expertise, broad experience in the financial sector, great connections combined with talent and strong commitment.

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Founder & Team

  • Stefano Petricca


    Stefano Petricca is an investment banker with more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector. He is specialized in managing funds and structuring complex finance transactions. He is also a passionate art collector with in-depth knowledge of the market and experienced in executing high-level art transactions. Stefano is FCA Approved Person.

  • Virna Fontanella

    Conducting Officer

    Virna Fontanella is a qualified lawyer highly skilled in finance and banking law, art law, compliance AML and litigation. During her professional career, she has been assisting financial institutions like J.P. Morgan, Credit Agricole Investment, Unicredit, GE Corporate Finance Bank, Nordea Bank and others. Virna is FCA Approved Person.

  • Massimo Apice

    Investment Fund Manager

    Massimo is an Accountant and Corporate Finance expert in both financial and real estate sectors and with experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital firms such as Carval Investors, Quantica SGR, Quadrivio SGR, Fimit SGR, and Borgosesia Spa. In 2018, Massimo Apice joined Petricca & Co, taking the role of Investment Fund Manager.

  • Mirko Bandiera

    Fund Manager

    Mirko is highly skilled and experienced trader with more than 20 years experience in the financial industry. Volatility and market correlations proprietary trading. Options strategist specialized in vanilla & exotic derivatives.

  • Alessio Masuzzo

    Junior Fund Manager

    Alessio has experience in the management of the healthcare/RSA sector, and management of AIFs. In 2019 he joined Petricca and Co Capital. He is skilled in the planning and management of AIFs, and monitoring of business processes to verify the application of protocols and compliance with predefined procedures.

  • Chiara Masuzzo

    Junior Fund Manager

    Chiara Masuzzo serves as Asset Manager and oversees all activities regarding assets in different funds under management.

  • Michele Troglio


    Michele is trader since 2011. Specialized in cyclic and volumetric analysis by using time-price correlation method. Focused on markets trends reversal.

  • Ihor Rosokha

    Junior Analyst

    Ihor is an analyst with experience in the financial industry, focused on macroeconomic. Strong educational background, holding a Masters of Science (MSc) degree in Investment Banking from Queen Mary University of London. Assigned to trade the overnight Asian session.

  • Luigi Santi

    Junior Corporate Manager

  • Michele De Pompeis

    Head Of Administration

    Michele is a skilled and experienced accountant and administrative. He is in charge of auditing the accounting services of the AIFs as managed by the AIFM and supports the Fund Managers in different aspects.

  • Vince Harvey

    Co-Head Of Risk Committee

    Vince is a financial services professional with over 25 years of experience in a variety of roles and organizations. In addition to a range of financial services qualifications, he has an MSc in Financial Regulation and Compliance Management, part of which involved study trips to Brussels and Washington DC, further expanding his exposure to cross-border issues. He also chairs a forum of compliance officers.

  • Alex Taskiran

    Head Of Compliance And AML

    Alex is an accountant of AIFM, and financial controller specialised in preparation of annual accounts and submission of tax declarations as well as compliance function for managing the risk of non-compliance, which can be defined as the risk of incurring legal or administrative sanctions, significant financial losses or reputation damages, as a result of violations of laws, regulations, standards of ethics or self-regulation.

  • Liliya Olinger Dudnik

    Internal Compliance

    Liliya is Chartered Accountant who focuses, among other things, on supervision of annual accounts and establishment of statutory auditor's reports and legal compliance and process of AIFs.

  • Tony Buche

    Head Of Portfolio Committee

    Tony is a Senior Consultant with 25+ years of experience in Investment Funds as Business Development, Corporate Strategy and Project management to aim strategic planning and operations optimisation.

  • Kristina Spirk

    Marketing Director

    Kristina is an accomplished creative director, designer and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of international work experience in brand building, business and creative strategy development, startup projects and profound expertise in sustainable business.
    In 2019 she joined Petricca& Co Capital.

  • Leanne Williamson

    Hong Kong Office Manager

    Leanne is a Senior Advisor formerly at Park Row, Chase de Vere and John Carcol, manager between London and Montecarlo of structured finance and personal property portfolio assets for UHNW. Now she serves in Petricca&Co Capital as the manager of the Hong Kong office focused on new products and strategies in the property finance sector crossing Asian and European markets.

  • Martina Alemani

    Head Of Art Banking

    Martina founded Contemporary Art Advisory in 2014. She is skilled and experienced in secondary market sales, contemporary art curating, contemporary European and American artists and art fair partnerships. Her recent collaborations include Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana, Kering Group, La Biennale di Venezia, Fondazione Prada, Gagosian, Modern and Contemporary Art at the Milan branch of Dorotheum. In 2019 she joined Petricca&Co Capital, Art Banking department.

  • Sara Ausilio

    Art Market Researcher



Founder & Team

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London SW1Y 4QU, UK
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28 Boulevard Royal,
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Suite 604, Hollywood Center
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